Cybernetically-enhanced humans are referred to as “cybermods”. Their implanted cybernetic devices are referred to as “mods”.

AudioLimbsCyberweaponsBody PlatingExotic

Fashionware mods include a number of common little high-tech gadgets; these implants straddle a hazy line between what most people would call “cybermods” and “life improvements”.
CP2020, pg. 80

Implant mods are useful little things you can’t replace from a Jinteki vat, or may need for a job.
CP2020, pg. 83-85

Bioware mods mods are primarily low-impact technology that is designed along biological rather than technological lines.
CP2020, pg. 85

Neuralware mods are neural processor switchboxes implanted in the base of the spine, and serve to route signals between coprocessors designed for a wide variety of functions with the subject’s central nervous system. Coprocessors include boosters that jack up the user’s reflexes and link coprocessors that connect the user to a variety of computers, machines, and databases.
CP2020, pg. 80-83

Optic mods are a combination of camera and digital optics designed to replace normal eyes. Optic mods are just like regular vision, only better—colors are brighter, images are sharper… and those are only the beginning. You want telescopic or microscopic vision? No problem. Infrared or low-light vision? Standard fare for soldiers.
CP2020, pg. 86-87

Audio mods patch into the auditory nerves and speech centers of your brain. These enhancements affect both ears, and also include a subvocal mike on the mastoid bone. There needn’t be any external elements replacing the outer ear, but some cybermods do replace the outer ear with speaker pickups.
CP2020, pg. 87-88

Limb mods are chromed, airbrushed, jeweled, lighted, and even sculpted in the pursuit of true cyberpunk chic. They are the first thing almost everyone thinks of when they think of cybermods.
CP2020, pg. 88-91

Cyberweapon mods top the list of illegal mods; hidden killing tools that can be buried beneath your skin until you need to take someone out.
CP2020, pg. 91-92

Body plating mods are plastic and metal plating layered over and directly anchored to the skin.
CP2020, pg. 92-93

Exotic mods are uncommon bio and cyber mod packages that combine to transform and bio-sculpt their recipient to acquire any bizarre, alien, or non-human physical appearance.
CB3, pg. 101-110



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