Talents are innate abilities that cannot be taught or learned. You either have them, or you don’t. The following Talents are available in Android Cyberpunk. Each Talent costs 3 CP from your starting pool. If levels (indicated by [X]) can be taken in a Talent, the cost is 3 CP per level.

Acute Senses [X]: One of your senses (vison, audio, scent, tactile, taste) is extremely acute. You gain a +1 to Perception rolls per level using this sense. Acute vision also allows you to treat all ranged attack modifiers as 1 less than normal per level. Note: Cybernetic replacement of any body part governing your Acute Sense will remove this Talent permanently.

Ambidexterity: You can use tools and weapons with either hand at no penalty (normally -3 for using off-hand).

Animal Empathy: Animals like you; they will never harm or attack you unless seriously provoked. You always seem to attract animals common to your surroundings, and they seem to gravitate to your side, although they may not necessarily do what you ask them to.

Beautiful/Handsome [X]: You are extremely good-looking; people will automatically stop and stare at you when you pass, and you are generally surrounded by admirers. In addition, you automatically have a +1 bonus to your Persuasion, Performance, and Wardrobe/Style skills for each level taken.

Danger Sense [X]: Your reflexes are keyed for danger; you automatically react faster than anyone else. For every level in Danger Sense, you may add +1 to your Initiative rolls (in combat only). Note: Cybernetic enhancements such as boosterware or speedware will replace and remove this Talent permanently.

Direction Sense: You are never lost, always know where North is, and can orient yourself easily without any external cues.

Double Jointed [X]: You can bend your limbs and joints in impossible ways. You can fit into any space equal to half your height and width. You gain a +1 bonus per level of Double Jointed to Athletics or Dodge & Escape rolls to wriggle out of most restraints.

Eidetic Memory: You never forget anything you have read, seen, heard, smelled, or touched.

High Pain Threshold: You are especially resistant to pain and shock. When wounded, reduce the amount of Stun taken by 2 points each time and Wound Effects by one level.

Intuition: You have an uncanny feel for hunches; the GM will give you a chance to make a Perception roll when he thinks you might get a hunch, even when there are no perceptible clues present.

Lightning Calculator: You can automatically do complex mathematical operations in your head without using aids.

Light Sleeper: You wake instantly from even the slightest touch or smallest sound (no Perception check required).

Night Vision: You can see in all but absolute darkness. Note: Cybernetic replacement of your eyes will remove this Talent permanently.

Perfect Pitch: You always know if something is in tune, and automatically gain a +2 bonus in any musically related tasks (singing, playing instruments, etc.).

Rapid Healing [X]: You heal extremely quickly, recovering an extra 1 point per day per level of Rapid Healing, in addition to your normal healing rate. Note: Bioware enhancements such as enhanced antibodies or nanosurgeons will replace and remove this Talent permanently.

Speed Reader: You can read one page of any normal text that you are familiar with in three seconds.

Time Sense: You always know what time it is, and always know how much time has elapsed between the present and the last time you checked.



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