The Clone Role



Clones are genetically engineered beings produced by the Jinteki corporation to serve as slave labour (or “labour solutions” as the megacorporations would put it). They are custom-designed for particular roles and then mass-produced via cloning and rapid-growth technologies. Most of the clones produced by Jinteki are humanoid in form, though some (such as the space-adapted Turtlebacks) are not. All clones have distinctive barcodes tattooed on their necks to indicate their clone status, and that they are items possessed by their creators. Rumour has it that some clones are engineered for psionic abilities.

Clones share the highly profitable “labour solutions” market with bioroids produced by the Haas-Bioroid corporation. Clone labour is opposed by those of the group Humanity First. Under current United States law, clones may not marry. They are also sterile, and cannot reproduce.


Clone characters begin play with 100 CP to purchase Stats, Skills (below), and Talents. They automatically begin with the Oppressed (Enslaved) Complication, and gain no additional CP for this complication. They may take other Complications to gain additional CP.

Clone characters are limited to a maximum Empathy of 9 and a maximum Humanity of 90.

Awareness, Basic Tech, Education, Endurance; choose six more skills related to clone line.


Because all clones are considered the property of Jinteki, they automatically have 10,000€ available to purchase their starting outfit, with the following exceptions.

  • They may use their 10,000€ to purchase cyberware to increase their functional capacity.
  • They may also purchase any regular gear that might do the same.
  • They are strictly prohibited from owning or using weapons, and may not use this money to purchase armor, weapons, ammunition, or cyberweapons.


The Clone Role

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