The Psychic Role



The Nisei Mk II is a clone line engineered by Jinteki with psionic abilities. Jinteki exploits the precognitive powers of this clone line to anticipate and counteract actions against their corporate interests.


Psychic characters begin with 100 CP to purchase Stats, Skills (below), and Talents. They automatically begin with the Oppressed (Enslaved) Complication, and gain no additional CP for this complication. They may take other Complications to gain additional CP.

Psychic clones are limited to a maximum Empathy of 9 and a maximum Humanity of 90.

Focus [1 CP/level]: The ability to focus your willpower and perform extraordinary feats of psionic power. Nisei Mk II clones are engineered by Jinteki specifically to harness the power of precognition, and these clones might uncover other strange gifts through an expansion of their Focus. Focus is applied to your Cool stat.

◇ At Level +1 and +2, you have the power of Precognition. You have glimpses into the future. The information gleaned from these glimpses is often very vague, but sometimes quite clear. You may act to change the possible outcome.

For every level of Focus, the glimpse into the future becomes stronger and more defined. The closer in time a glimpse shows, the clearer the image. For instance you may get a glimpse one round in the future that tells you another person will be killed when they open the door by a masked gunmen who will shoot them with small caliber weapon—but a glimpse into a year from now may only reveal that a great disaster is going to happen somewhere. In such cases it would not become uncommon for you to revisit a glimpse, as you get nearer to the moment it happens, more and more details will emerge.

Usually you have no control over when a glimpse is going to occur, it may be while you are asleep, or it may come upon you out of nowhere (in other words at GM discretion, though Focus level should have a bearing on frequency of glimpses).

However if you enter a deep meditation you may try to force a glimpse. Attempts to receive a glimpse are given a +1 per level to a Focus check, with a GM determining Difficulty based on time from event, and scale of the event. Getting a glimpse of the future takes a full round or more (depending on the length of the events in the glimpse).

◇ With a Level +3 Focus, you have the power of Psychometry.

You can read the past of an object—you can see the face of the last two people to own the item. For every level of Focus beyond +3, you can see the face of one more person that owned the item. By making a Focus skill check, you may glean other information, such as the persons name and any major events that occurred while holding the item. Traumatic events will always resonate the strongest, though details may be hazy. The Focus check modifier is +1 for every owner previous to the target you want information on, so if you want to find out more information about the fourth owner of an item, the difficulty would be +3. A +5 modifier may be given in your favor if an event associated with the item was traumatic, or the owner had an extremely strong bond with the item.

◇ With a Level +5 Focus, you have the power of Telepathy.

This power allows you to communicate mentally with others. You may communicate with a number of people equal to your INT plus your Level in Focus. A target may resist (see Resisting Psychic Abilities below) your attempt to mentally contact them; resistance means they rebuke your mental connection to them.

◇ With a Level +7 Focus, you have the power of Telesthesia.

This power lets you read minds, forcing your way into their memories and extracting information. One should take extreme caution in using this power, as it can be considered a very invasive act, the equivalent of mental rape. The target may resist (see Resisting Psychic Abilities below). Success means you gleans an answer of a number of words equal to your INT + Focus Level. Success by more than 10 points means you are able to discern the exact details of the information you seek. If the target successfully resists, you may not attempt Telesthesia on the target again for a number of days equal to the points the target succeeded by in their resistance.

◇ At Level +9, you have the power to create a Psychic Field.

You generate a field of pure mental energy around you that targets opponents. The effective range of your Psychic Field is 6 meters. The damage inflicted by your Psychic Field is 3d6. Use of Psychic Field is a Full Combat Action. The Damage is Psychic Trauma, therefore while it is taken to the head it is not doubled. BTM does affect damage taken. A target may resist (see Resisting Psychic Abilities below) your attempt to damage them with your Psychic Field. Successful resistance reduces Damage to 2d6, while successful resistance by 5 or more reduces Damage to 1d6—successful resistance by 10 or more negates any Damage from your Psychic Field.

Telepathy, Telesthesia, and Psychic Field powers can be resisted, should a target choose to do so. A target may roll Cool + Resist Torture/Drugs + 1D10 vs. the psychic’s Cool + Focus + 1d10 in order to resist these powers.

Awareness, Basic Tech, Education, Endurance, Expert, Human Perception, Interview, Resistance, Stock Market.


Because all clones are considered the property of Jinteki, they automatically have 10,000€ available to purchase their starting outfit, with the following exceptions.

  • They may use their 10,000€ to purchase cyberware to increase their functional capacity.
  • They may also purchase any regular gear that might do the same.
  • They are strictly prohibited from owning or using weapons, and may not use this money to purchase armor, weapons, ammunition, or cyberweapons.


The Psychic Role

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