The Ristie Role



In the old days, they would have called you a Corporate. Nowadays, you’re more like aristocracy (hence the nick). You haven’t sold your soul to the corporations—you’re the child of corporate wealth, power, and influence. You’re the perfection born of generations of selective breeding. You are a member of the elite dynasties that rule the world.


Ristie characters begin with 95 CP to purchase Stats, Skills (below), and Talents. They may take Complications to gain additional CP.

Resources [1 CP/level]: This represents the Risties’ ability to command corporate resources. This could include bodyguards, weapons, vehicles, money, buildings, etc. A Resource of +2 might give you a company car. A Resource of +6 might allow you to have a corporate jet or a team of Soldiers from the corporate Security Division. A Resource of +9 or better might grant you almost unlimited access to almost all levels the corporate and its resources.
◇ You apply your Resources to your INT.

Awareness, Education, Human Perception, Leadership, Personal Grooming, Persuasion, Social, Stock Market Wardrobe & Style.


Everybody has to hold down a job if they want to keep a roof over their heads. Your starting cash is determined by rolling 1d6/3 and multiplying that by the amount shown below under your rating in Resources.

1-5 6 7 8 9 10
1,500/mo. 3,000/mo. 5,000/mo. 7,000/mo. 9,000/mo. 12,000/mo.

After determining your available starting cash, rolls 1d6; if you roll higher than a 5 on this die, you’ve been cut off without a cent. Guess it’s time to touch base with Humanity Labor.


The Ristie Role

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