A human Android Cyberpunk character’s Lifepath is determined with the tables beginning on CP2020, pg. 35.

Bioroids and clones do not roll during the Family Backgound step. They have neither identifiable parents nor siblings. Their Childhood Environment is always set in a Corporate research facility.

Bioroids begin their lives in an artificial body that has the appearance of a mature adult. Roll 1d6 for a bioroid’s starting age and number of Life Events.

Clones are force-grown from living tissue. They reach physical maturity at three years of age. Roll 1d6 to determine the number of Life Events a clone has experienced, and add the die roll to 3 for their starting age in years.

Both clones and bioroids are considered valuable property. As such, they are normally under the watchful eye of their parent corporation and subject to very heavy scrutiny. They invariably have biomonitors and tracking devices installed somewhere in their bodies. Bioroids and clones replace entry #2 in You Get Lucky (CP2020, pg. 37) with the following:

2. Freedom!: Somehow, you have managed to escape out from under the thumb of your parent corporation! Any tracking devices they might have installed in your body have been either removed or rendered inert. (Note that this does not allow any bioroid to overwrite the programming of the Three Directives.)

A player who wishes for their bioroid or clone character to have escaped or gone rogue at the beginning of the campaign must deal with such devices if they do not roll this Life Event.



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