The Bioroid Role



Bioroids are artificially intelligent androids produced by the Haas-Bioroid corporation. Universally, bioroids are property and have no rights. Groups like the Liberty Society campaign to change this fact, and are opposed by groups like Humanity First. “Full-body” bioroids are denoted by the perjorative slang “golems” and are frequent targets for random violence and destruction.

Despite what the name might imply, bioroids have no biological components. Bioroid design is based on a method of mapping human brains developed and patented by Haas-Bioroid - presumably the term is a shortening of something like biomimetic androids, because the artificial intelligence is based on the function of a biological brain. In the case of some bioroids, fragmented memories of the original intelligence can remain. This process is called cerebral imaging (as is the sub-company that provides it), and requires an enormous amount of data storage.

“Full-body” bioroids have synthskin on their faces and hands to make them more palatable to humans, but typically have a visible synthetic shell. They can also be identified by their artificial eyes, which are solid silver orbs. If they cover their eyes (glass technology is popular in the world of Android) and wear a coat, they can pass for human with relative ease. Bioroids are made of five different types of plastic around a titanium frame and are incredibly strong and durable.

Models of Bioroid include the pleasure models Adonis (“When the limits of possibility are expanding everyday, you should never settle for second best.”) and Eve, the rescue worker Rex, industrial worker Adam, efficiency expert Ash, financial manager Alix, and middle-management models Greg and Gillian.


All bioroids are subject to the Three Directives, rules which form the core of a bioroid’s programming. There are currently no means to overwrite the Three Directives, and a player must abide by them when playing a bioroid character.

I. A bioroid may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
II. A bioroid must obey the orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Directive.
III. A bioroid must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Directives.


Bioroid characters begin play with 100 CP to purchase Stats, Skills (below), and Talents. They automatically begin with the Oppressed (Enslaved) Complication, and gain no additional CP for this complication. They may take other Complications to gain additional CP.

Bioroid characters are limited to a maximum Empathy of 8 and a maximum Humanity of 80.

Awareness, Basic Tech, Education, Endurance Resistance.
Adonis/Eve models add: Etiquette, Human Perception, Personal Grooming, Seduction, and Wardrobe & Style.
Rex models add: Athletics, Driving, First Aid, Heavy Machinery, and Strength Feat.
Adam models add: Demolitions, Mathematics, Heavy Machinery, Physics, and Strength Feat.
Ash models add: Expert (Business Efficiency), Human Perception, Interview, Oratory, and Stock Market.
Alix models add: Composition, Gamble, Library Search, Mathematics, and Stock Market.
Greg/Gillian models add: Interview, Leadership, Personal Grooming, Stock Market, and Wardrobe & Style.


All bioroids begin play with what amounts to a cybernetic full-body replacement (See CB3, pg. 63-85). Most models have synthetic skin covering their arms and their head and neck—Adonis and Eve models are fully covered with synthetic skin. Due to extensively-developed Haas-Bioroid brain-mapping techniques, bioroids ignore the HC for their basic bodies (this is accounted for by a bioroid’s maximum on the Empathy and Humanity stats, above)—it is only when they begin to stack on options that HC begins to accumulate.
Adonis/Eve models are equivalent to Gemini conversion (CB3 pg. 76-77).
Rex models are equivalent to Brimstone conversion (CB3 pg. 74-75).
Adam models are equivalent to Samson conversion (CB3 pg. 79-80).
Ash, Alix, and Greg/Gillian models are equivalent to Alpha conversion (CB3 pg. 66-67).

Because all bioroids are considered the property of Haas-Bioroid, they automatically have 10,000€ available to purchase their starting outfit, with the following exceptions.
◇ They may use their 10,000€ to purchase cyberware to increase their model’s functional capacity.
◇ They may also purchase any regular gear that might do the same.
◇ They may not use this money to purchase armor, weapons, ammunition, or cyberweapons. due to their strictly-programmed adherence to the Three Directives.


The Bioroid Role

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