The Idol Role



Whether they are corporate-sponsored pop divas, or streetwise rockers, Idols all have one thing in common: The Message. Idols use their charisma and performance to sway the minds of their audience and the public—and The Message might not always be something the corporates want to see spreading.


Idol characters begin with 95 CP to purchase Stats, Skills (below), and Talents. They may take Complications to gain additional CP.

Charismatic Leadership[1 CP/level]: An Idol can sway crowds equal to his level times 200. This ability (added to your Cool stat) allows the character to control, incite and charm large number of people through his or her performance skills. When under the character’s control, this group can easily be persuaded to act on his suggestions; for example, with a high Charismatic Leadership, a character could convince a concert crowd to riot in the streets or attack a heavily fortified police line. Charismatic Leadership will only work with groups of ten or more people as it is primarily a mob leadership ability. The higher your Charismatic Leadership, the larger a crowd you can control and the more direct and complex the instructions you can get them to follow.
◇ Apply Charismatic Leadership to your Cool stat.

Awareness, Composition, Perform, Personal Grooming, Persuasion, Seduction, Social , Wardrobe & Style; choose one: Photo & Film, Play Instrument, or Paint or Draw


Everybody has to hold down a job if they want to keep a roof over their heads. Your starting cash is determined by rolling 1d6/3 and multiplying that by the amount shown below under your rating in Charismatic Leadership.

1-5 6 7 8 9 10
1,000/mo. 1,500/mo. 2,000/mo. 5,000/mo. 8,000/mo. 12,000/mo.

After determining your available starting cash, rolls 1d6; if you roll higher than a 2 on this die, you just lost your job to an android. Guess it’s time to touch base with Humanity Labor.


The Idol Role

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