Perks are useful items, privileges, or contacts characters have access to in Android Cyberpunk. Like Stats, each Perk is purchased with CP. Perk levels (from 1-10) serve as a gauge of how valuable the Perk should be in the campaign.

Contact [1 CP/level]: You know someone who can (and generally will) help you through money, power or sheer skill, and this help is usually “off the record.” A mercenary who’ll occasionally back you up in a fight costs 3, a local Yakuza Boss costs 6, the head of NC SWAT costs 9. Remember that the level of the contact is based on several factors: a student’s not much, but a student who’s willing to die for you…

Favor [0.5 CP/level]: A one shot Contact; you can make use of this contact only once, but they MUST do what you ask (as long as its appropriate). Note that it’s often useful to have favors from a lot of people in different areas rather than one contact who does everything.

Membership [1 CP/level]: You can call upon the resources of an organization, person, government, or group—but you also have responsibilities. The level of Membership represents your character’s status in the organization, not the influence of the group (that’s what the multipliers above are for). For example: A Membership of 1 at in the FBI would
make you a janitor, but at 10 you’re the Director’s right-hand man.

License [1 CP/level]: You have a legally sanctioned right to do things that would normally be considered illegal (license to kill, to collect taxes, hunt criminals, etc). Licenses are individual cases, granting you authority rather than “loaning” you use of the authority of a group (as the Membership Perk)—you get no resources, but you also don’t have so many responsibilities. By example: a license to sell arms might cost 2; a Private Investigator’s license 4; a Bounty Hunter’s license might cost 6; a CIA or Secret Service Agent’s license 8, a Federal Marshal’s license costs about 9, and having an unconditional license to kill might cost 10.

Renown [1 CP/level]: Your reputation, usually in a favorable light. People go out of their way to curry favor with you, or to at least avoid getting on your bad side. At 3, most local people know you; at 6 you’re nationally known; at 9 you’re an international figure.

Wealth [5 CP/level]: Wealth boosts your lifestyle. Level 1 places you comfortably in the middle class, capable of buying common things and living in a decent place. Level 2 is upper middle class; you can buy most everyday things and live in a very nice place. At levels 3~4, you are well to do and have more than enough money to support yourself; you need work only occasionally, can afford costly hobbies, and have an expensive home. At 6 you’re rich; you don’t have to work at all, can afford large purchases like cars or vacations, and live in a very expensive home. At 8, you’re a millionaire, can live anywhere and buy almost anything you want. The Ref might even let you exceed Wealth 10, making you a billionaire!



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